Golf Car Batteries

Li-Ion Golf Car Batteries

We Specialize in producing Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (Lifepo4) for the Golf Car Industry. Our Golf Car batteries are designed to fit the majority of Golf Cars on the market by using the “fitting kits provided”

Battery Protection and Safety

Our Batteries have a BMS  (Battery Management System) with 7 Layers of protection to ensure reliable safe operation. We use Lithium Iron Phosphate one is the safest Lithium Chemistries available.

Control Panel - Full Dealer Accessibility

By Installing the control panel onto your computer you can connect to the BMS with the Mini USB Connection. The dealer then can see various information, this is useful for fault diagnosis. Here are a few examples of the information available:
  • Last Error
  • Total Battery Discharge
  • Total Battery Charge
  • Max Discharge Current
  • Min Cell Voltage
  • Maximum Cell Voltage

Li-Gen can also offer support remotely if required by using this Control Panel.

Smart Phone App

Our batteries are supplied with an App, by downloading this App and connection to the battery the user can see the following:
  • State of Charge
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Temperature

State of Charge Gauge

We also provide a state of Charge gauge that can be mounted on the dash or inside the battery compartment this displays the % State Of Charge, Voltage and current.

Battery Charger

We also supply a 10amp IP66 On Board Charger.

The Benefits when dealing with Li-Gen

  • 5 year Guarantee on the Battery
  • 2 year Guarantee on the Charger
  • Local support, we are always available when you need
  • Short Lead times, we can deliver quickly
  • Manufactured in Europe most components sourced locally
  • Full Dealer training provided
  • Bespoke battery manufacture and design
  • We only sell to Golf Car Dealers and Specialists

Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate

  • Maintenance Free
  • Life-time is at least 3 times longer compared to Lead
  • No Hazardous Gas during charging
  • 50% Lighter than Lead equivalent
  • Long Guarantee
  • Can be Opportunity Charged
  • Quicker to install compared Lead acid batteries
  • More efficient to charge saves power
  • Will recover from Deep cycling
  • One of the Safest Lithium Chemistries available

Our Products

Voltage Capacity Energy Cycle Life Mileages Continious Discharge Current Max Charge Current
Li48-55 51 55 2.8KW >2000Cycles 30-35 80Amp 20Amp
Li48-100 51 100 5.1KW >2000Cycles 60-70 100Amp 50Amp
Li48-200 51 200 10.2KW >2000Cycles 90-100 150Amp 100Amp

Our Products

Model (Part Number)




Cycle Life


Continious Discharge Current

Max Charge Current





>2000 Cycles


80 Amp

20 Amp





>2000 Cycles


100 Amp

50 Amp





>2000 Cycles


150 Amp

100 Amp

Li-Gen Logo

Golf Car Batteries V Lead Batteries

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Lead Batteries

5 Years

2 Years
50% Lighter
Heavy weight
Can charge up to 4 Times Faster
Slow charging
Li-ion Battery Life is longer than Lead Batteries, therfore creating less waste and saves on installation costs.
You will use at least 3 times more
Lead Batteries
Li-ion will deliver 95% capacity, Lead will only deliver up to 85%
Less efficeincy
Li-ion Batteries are Maintenance Free
Not Maintenance Free
Li-ion Gives Up to 40% more run Time Compared to equivalent capacity Lead Batteries
Less Run Time
No Hazardous Hydrogen Gas Generated during Charging
Hazardous Hydrogen Gas Generated during Charging
Up to 40% less space for Same Capacity
Taking More space
50 % Cheaper in Many Applications over the Battery Lifetime
More Expensive over the Battery Lifetime